Property Taxes


Property Tax Rates & Grant Application Forms


Make your cheque payable to the Tsawout Property Taxation.

Please write your folio (account) number on the memo portion Of the cheque and enter the amount of the payment enclosed on the front of the payment remittance portion of the Tax Notice.

Make your payment at:

Tsawout First Nation Administration office
7728 Tetayut Road Saanichton, BC
V8M 2C3

Payment made from outside Canada must be issued from a Canadian correspondent bank in Canadian funds.

Payment Not Reflected
Recent payments may not be reflected on this tax notice.

How to Avoid Penalties
Ensure your payment and/or Grant Applications are received on or before the due date. Penalties will be charged on unpaid taxes and unclaimed Grant amounts.

Payments are applied:

Cheques may be post-dated to the due date. Mail lost or delayed by post office will be assessed the penalty as the postmark will not be accepted as proof of payment by due date. Non-negotiable Cheques will incur a $20.00 service charge.

Multiple Owners
One (registered) owner will receive a tax notice reflecting the full tax amount billed. Have one owner remit one cheque for the full amount billed to avoid duplicate payments.

Recently Sold Property
New owner(s) are responsible for their property taxes, by the due date whether they receive a tax notice or not.

Other payment Options:
Payment can be made in cash, cheque, money order or bank draft. Debit or credit cards are not currently accepted at this time.